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Landscape Design

Landscape Installations

Wilderness or the woods is the most natural habitat and it has endured so ever since the evolution of human race. However, in the modern world of concrete, installing the finest nursery stocks is the heart and soul of any beautiful landscape. Over a decade of work experience as a landscaper now; we have established relationships with the best of the nurseries, providing us the healthy assortments of natives and other plants, complimenting the exquisite landscape.


Irrigation Rain water is the best source of any irrigation systems. But, then, it's also most unpredictable. Perennial Landscape helps with the best alternate here with the expediency of an irrigation arrangement, it also augments the spirit of any landscape venture by comforting the livestock with the requisite watering. Our irrigation designs are also focused on easy maintenance apart from the aesthetic values.

Landscape Illumination

Sun is the most natural and beautiful source of light. However, it stays only during the day and post it sets in the west every evening the darkness spreads. We also undertake to make the evenings beautiful and soothing too. Our night time landscape designs incorporates, Path Lights, Area lights, Rear Lights, Up lighters and submersible pond lights controlled by energy efficient timers.